Era Of The Influencer: Green Gal

WRITTEN BY Caoimhe Mahon

April 2, 2024

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Era Of The Influencer: Green Gal

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Fashion & Lifestyle

Caoimhe Mahon

2 Apr, 2024

Speaking to Shannen was both thought provoking and highly educational. Shannen lives and breathes sustainability from her day job (as a project manager based in the sustainable sphere) to her personal life and now in the form of her social media, through her Green Gal accounts. 

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to chat with Shannen whose kind-hearted and bubbly personality feeds through into her socials creating a positive and enticing platform for anyone with an interest in sustainability. 

We started the interview by attempting to break down and unpack the term and role of the ‘influencer’ which is now no easy task given the complexities and varieties that surround the role and term. 

One thing that continues to strike me when I consider the sphere of influencers is the often negative culture of excessive and huge hauls, which seems part and parcel of much content that I see on social feeds.

This negative culture of excess is a far cry from the positive message of Shannen, who states that entering the ‘influencer’ sphere was never really an intention of hers whose main goal is rather to “leave a positive impact and create meaningful change.” 

Shannen spoke of seeing influencers share ads and promote brands like H&M and Pennies who were claiming to be making a move to the sustainable. However, as someone educated in this sphere as she watched on, she could not help but feel infuriated by the false claims and misinformation being shared on social media. 

Whilst she acknowledges that some influencers may not be aware of the mistakes they are making, the impact that this has on consumers who are buying into this message can have a negative knock on effect.

As she spoke of this it really made me think about the world of influencers and how ‘qualified’ many really are to be speaking about certain topics considering that for many consumers of said content they are taking their word. 

“Unbiased” and “truthful” instead, these are the promises of Shannen and the reasons you should invest in following Green Gal. When you follow Shannen you are following someone whose core goal is to promote sustainability rather than an abundance of ideas or areas of coverage. 

I must admit when I first reached out to Shannen I felt a little intimidated by her dedication to sustainability and just how amazing she was at living sustainably on a daily basis. However, as the conversation unfolded I felt at ease, understood and guided through the changes we can all make in our daily lives when it comes to carving out our own sustainable journey. If you are looking for a teacher to start you on the path of a sustainable lifestyle then Green Gal is the one for you.

Shannen spoke of two types of people: the first, were those overwhelmed by the degree of change that needs to be instilled if we are to effectively protect our climate and live sustainably whilst the second, focussed on the people who wanted to adopt an out of sight out of mind approach. Perhaps for them the reality of our changing climate is too frightening to consider or maybe it is not a priority in their life. In either case, without judgement or force Shannen is providing a pathway, which we can all embark on at our own pace. 

It is better to take baby steps towards a greener future than to never take the first step on that journey at all. 

If you visit the Green Gal page you can find great tips to get you on your merry way to a greener future from learning to buy second hand to transport tips and even to maintaining and caring for the clothes already in our wardrobe. 

As the conversation continued we sprung onto the topic of trends. 

Now, for me personally, I have always loved fashion but in a conventional sense would I be considered trendy … Well, put it this way I still do not understand why it is apparently a crime of fashion to wear skinny jeans. 

I spoke of how I felt that this ‘need’ to be on trend can contribute to the world of fast fashion, excess clothes and clothing waste to which Shannen had this to say,

“There are so many people out there and, I think it is our society, that are so influenced by different fashion trends and with different influencers who will tell them what is fashionable and what is not.”

She then goes on to say that by utilising her current wardrobe she hopes to figure out what her own style is. I think that sounds pretty cool. Whilst it is one thing to enjoy fashion it is an entirely other thing to change yourself from ‘clean girl’ to ‘mob wife’ to whatever the next big thing may be purely because the influencers are looking like that on Instagram. 

One way that Shannen is exploring and loving her clothes again is through her 30 day sustainable challenge. You can follow her on this journey via her socials as listed at the bottom of this page. If you are looking for inspiration on how to navigate and love your current wardrobe then this is the place to do it. 

Shannen and I, as consumers of social media and as those who work in it, can both agree that social media can be great but also agree that when you are on it you want to get something out of it. How? By following the kinds of people, accounts and platforms, which promote healthy outlooks, mindsets and acts rather than following someone because it is a societal convention to flock towards them. 

Why give millions of views towards a possible new celeb dating scandal or suss bit of gossip when we could be and should be redirecting that time and energy into better sources and accounts. 

For me when I had my conversation with Shannen, I felt inspired to adopt even one change that could eventually turn to two and perhaps three. Approaching my sustainable journey this way means I am able to build newer, greener habits which can be achieved when you, as Shannen says, are “willing to learn and look at things differently.” 

We all have to start somewhere and perhaps today your starting point towards your own sustainable journey could be giving Green Gal a follow and learning along the way.

Instagram handle = _greengal

TikTok = @_greengal


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