Artwork By: Faye Kinsella

In my work, I like to use found images from magazines, books and from online, particularly
image databases, where I can type in any word and have a plethora of images to choose
from and work from. I combine figures with landscapes using Photoshop to create a visual
reality to paint from.
In my painting, Surya’s Dream, I used the figure of Surya Bonaly, a french figure skater. She was famous for performing backflips on the ice, and landing on one blade. This move was banned in the 1970s by the Figure Skating Federation, out of fear that others would try to do the same. Bonaly was very gifted and also excelled in gymnastics. This brought a quality of acrobatics to her skating. Bonaly also wore very fun and colourful costumes, not only attempted but did many difficult jumps, and had a very strong sense of herself as a competitive athlete. Yet, she did not receive the credit she deserved for her efforts, and herself recognises that it was down to the colour of her skin.
In Surya’s Dream, depicted, is Surya Bonaly in two ways. The bigger figure to the side is
from a photo I found of her, mid dance on the ice. I liked her expression, the pose of her body and hands, and her mint costume. The second figure of Bonaly is being lifted by a man. I liked how the figure being lifted looks absolutely overcome with joy. And the figure to the side is gesturing with her hands to this lovely scene. All figures are set against a skyscape. This gives the setting a dream-like quality. I called it Surya’s Dream for this reason.





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