Era Of The Influencer: A Mini-Series

WRITTEN BY Caoimhe Mahon

March 29, 2024

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Era Of The Influencer: A Mini-Series

Caoimhe Mahon

29 Mar, 2024

Social media is a huge industry and one core component born from the rise of the social media industry is the career path of the ‘influencer.’ It is hard to imagine a time when the term ‘influencer’ was not part of our everyday lexicon. From fitness to fashion, make-up to mindfulness there are an abundance of influencers to cover almost every realm of our life. 

We all have our favourites and I am no different. You can spot me in the gym getting workout inspiration, copying curly hair routines and mixing up my overnight oat recipes all thanks to the Instagram influencer. 

However, the market is becoming increasingly more saturated and whilst on the one hand, this may mean that we seemingly have an endless supply of ‘inspo’ online for all our daily life tasks and questions it also creates a grey area to navigate. 

Sometimes there can feel like a pressure in society to keep up with the new norm created through the glossy content posted online. By this I mean the era of the influencer can often give rise to an image and lifestyle, which to many of us is unattainable and unrealistic for example: with fashion, money, trips, relationships and material objects. 

I do often look at some influencers, some viral content or ‘news’ which has millions of views and/or followers and thousands of likes and wonder what makes it really stand out from the rest and why does society seemingly glorify certain content and individuals, granting celebrity status over others.

Don’t get me wrong we all love a light hearted break from heavy subjects, a viral dance trend or voice over to hop on and just a bit of fun on social media as a release. Plus, we all like to have our own ‘influencer’ moments on our socials from time to time. I mean if you are anything like me from the moment you bop off on your holidays you find yourself entering your very own influencer era even with my minute number of followers. Why? Maybe it is part of our social make-up now, a normal habit or maybe it is just good fun. 

But, we all are also guilty of posting largely what we want others to see on our platform and often leave out what we would rather not say or show. We can easily place an Instagram filter on photos but is it becoming the norm to filter through life and everything that contains even things more difficult to discuss like climate and conflict? 

There are huge positives and benefits from social media. In my work and in my everyday life I think social media is great and utilise it in both arenas. There are also positives to media personalities and pages where we can source lifestyle content, find like minded communities and source answers to some of our questions. For example: travel inspiration, body positivity and mindfulness.

However, in a saturated market there are also a number of negatives. People who promote the wrong things, diluting important messages and fostering distorted mindsets. 

That is why in the wake of International Women’s day, earlier this month, here at Utopia The Edit we have decided to highlight some great women who are carving out a space on social media for positive change and of course, sustainable content. Home grown in Ireland the three women we will profile in this women’s sustainable special series are definitely worth a follow as they are a breath of fresh air away from the highly ‘artificial’ viral and usually confusing Instagram posts. 

Over the next few days we will be publishing a number of articles, each one focussing on a different Irish woman who promotes sustainability via their social media. Each article will highlight the progress they are making on their own sustainable journeys and the impact they are having on our journeys through their work on social media. 

Through this series we will be talking to the the women being Greengal, Fashion Follows and Spice Vintage. So, stay tuned !

The first article in this series will be dedicated to Shannen aka Greengal who I had the pleasure of speaking to.

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