Cool Innovations Tackling Pollution, Biodiversity Loss, and Carbon Emissions

WRITTEN BY Bronagh Loughlin

October 5, 2023

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Cool Innovations Tackling Pollution, Biodiversity Loss, and Carbon Emissions

Bronagh Loughlin

5 Oct, 2023

We are currently in a frantic state to achieve the climate goals outlined in the Paris Agreement and transition to net zero by 2050. Individuals, businesses, and governments can take action, but we also need to champion innovation to make change happen. Today, we’re highlighting some cool innovations that are challenging climate change’s adverse effects, including biodiversity, pollution, waste, carbon emissions, and more. 

Hoola One Technologies – The plastic hoover

The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that beach pollution impacts over 800 species of wildlife across the globe. Additionally, more than 100,000 sea turtles, seabirds, seals, and other marine mammals die annually due to getting entangled in or ingesting plastic waste. First on this list of cool inventions challenging issues like pollution and waste includes Hoola One Technology’s HO Micro. 

The name may not give it away, but it’s essentially a waste vacuum that sucks up plastic and releases clean, waste-free soil or sand. It works on a variety of different surfaces, but where it is really beneficial is on beaches, where plastic is spread everywhere and usually in higher concentrations. The brand also has some other interesting products, including the HO Wrack for larger jobs and the HO Backpack for solo operators. 

2. Foamstream – An eco-friendly weed-killing solution 

Glyphosate is the world’s best-selling chemical herbicide for killing weeds, but this chemical is quite problematic. Used mainly in farming, public spaces, parks, and gardens, there have been calls to ban the use of it. Some of the concerns surround issues like biodiversity and human health, with some research suggesting there could be a link between glyphosate and cancer. 

We need a solution that does not harm the environment or have any consequences on human health. Enter Foamstream – an organic-approved green solution offering a greener alternative to glyphosate. The approved organic formula makes it entirely safe for residents, operatives, animals, and the local biodiversity. Foamstream’s active ingredient is heat, which is insulated by a biodegradable foam. The blanket covers weeds, trapping them in the ideal temperature for long enough to kill them. 

3. Carbon Cure – Turning captured carbon into concrete 

According to WeForum, cement, the key ingredient in concrete, is responsible for 7 percent of global carbon emissions. While this number seems low, it is the second most-used resource on Earth, following water. Therefore, in the race to net zero, we desperately need to address this and find a way to make cement more eco-friendly. This is where Carbon Cure come into the picture.

Established in 2007, they recognised that once capture is captured, it can be rather challenging to determine where to store it. The Canadian business developed a process whereby they inject the captured carbon into water, which can be utilised to create concrete. The carbon-infused water binds with the remaining ingredients in the concrete mixture. Therefore, it delivers a more sustainable cement option but also a stronger product. The goal here is to turn concrete into a carbon sink!

4. Checkerspot – Harnessing biology and chemistry for sustainable material design

When it comes to rethinking manufacturing, we need to shift away from ineffective processes. Throughout the supply chain, this could entail reducing the use of virgin plastics, increasing transparency, and incorporating post-consumer waste into products. Checkerspot has other ideas though, and recognises there is a better way to make products that are more eco-friendly. They believe that to achieve this, it all starts with the materials. 

Checkerspot essentially designs performance materials at a molecular level. They do this by optimising microbes to biomanufacture unique structural oils that are produced in nature but were not previously accessible at a commercial scale. They harness biology and chemistry in a microbial process on a commercial scale and rely on petrochemical inputs. By focusing on the manufacturing process of products, Checkerspot believes their solution can change the world. 

5. Upside foods – making our favourite foods a force for good

We’re eating more meat than we ever have before. By 2030, we will require more than one Earth’s worth of livestock farmland to satisfy our appetites. With this in mind, the way meat is made must be addressed. The Guardian reports that meat accounts for almost 60 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. However, we can turn this around with the arrival of cultivated meat.

With cultivated meat, you can continue to enjoy your favourite foods but without the negative impacts. Upside Foods is driving this journey and recognises it takes a big appetite to tackle big world challenges. They have spent almost a decade collaborating to create this meat. Upside Foods understands that meat is an issue for the health of the planet but also comprehends that people won’t completely stop eating meat. Therefore, their solutions allow people to have a more climate-friendly diet and be part of the change. 


We need the efforts of everyone to fight the environmental emergency. Many businesses across the world are already prioritising action on climate-related issues. Some have demonstrated a commitment to ESG, while others have created solutions that work to solve issues like biodiversity, waste, and pollution. 

This list includes just some of the amazing businesses with cool innovations to tackle climate change. There are so many other incredible organisations out there, so be sure to recognise their efforts and show them some support for engaging in genuine climate action.

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