Sustainability in “Quiet Luxury” Case Study: Emily Mariko’s Wedding

WRITTEN BY Ella Sloane

August 24, 2023

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Sustainability in “Quiet Luxury” Case Study: Emily Mariko’s Wedding

by | Aug 24, 2023 | Fashion & Lifestyle

Ella Sloane

24 Aug, 2023

The term “quiet luxury” has emerged as the latest means of aesthetic categorisation floating around online spheres, with particular attention being paid to the recent weddings of celebrities and influencers such as Sophia Richie and Emily Mariko, both of which were documented in great detail.

I was particularly intrigued by Mariko’s wedding content, which definitely leaned more into the “quiet” aspect of this aesthetic and felt more homey and down-to-earth, more accessible even, to your average onlooker. So, what exactly does this phrase “quiet luxury” mean and how did Emily Mariko’s wedding encapsulate this? Although, like many of the currently popularised aesthetics, “quiet luxury” is difficult to strictly label, it can be described as the celebration of timeless simplicity and understated choices, which tend to evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication.

As Harper’s Bazaar put it, it’s about “quality over quantity and having the instinctive style and confidence to invest in wear-for-life pieces.” Similarly, The Business of Fashion highlighted that “the understated allure of classic, high quality pieces dovetails with conscious consumption calls to buy less, but better”, drawing attention to how the growing enthusiasm for elevated basics that defines “quiet luxury” may be a sign of a positive shift in consumer mindset towards more sustainable fashion choices.

In the days since the wedding, many TikTokers have taken to the platform to dissect the undeniable “quiet luxury” surrounding Emily Mariko’s wedding celebrations, even going so far as to praise it as the “epitome” of this aesthetic. Mariko wedded her longtime partner Matt Rickard in an intimate ceremony at the Wayfarer’s Chapel, also known as “The Glass Church”, in California. Everything from the romantic venue, to her makeup, hair and, most importantly, Emily’s subtle outfit changes throughout the day, culminated in the curation of the perfect example of this lauded aesthetic.

Mariko opted to wear not one, not two, but four dresses on her big day, keeping her devout followers on the edges of their seats as a steady flow of wedding content streamed from her account. Each outfit was equally understated and beautiful. The first look was a ruffled mini dress from Mirror Palais, worn for the drive to the ceremony location before Emily put on the highly anticipated ceremony gown: a strapless A-line creation with a cathedral-length train, also designed by Marcelo Gaia who owns the up-and-coming Mirror Palais brand.

The main dress of the day was met with an influx of awe-inspired comments on TikTok, with many users remarking on the gown’s timelessness, a cornerstone of the “quiet luxury” aesthetic. One fan declared it the “Textbook definition of a timeless dress”, adding that it “could have been worn 50 years ago and can be worn 100 years from now.” Many others echoed this sentiment, praising Mirror Palais for their execution of the custom-made ensemble: “This dress is the epitome of classic, timeless, glamorous and luxurious. I’m so obsessed. Brava @Mirror Palais.”

For the intimate garden wedding reception, Emily changed into a silk ivory slip dress with a cowl neckline. This was paired with a chiffon shawl draped over her arms and a fresh bouquet of white roses for good measure. If you thought this was the final outfit change of the day you would be wrong; Mariko made one final change for the after-party, swapping the ankle-length slip out for a playful strapless mini dress with floral detailing. Each dress aligned perfectly with Emily’s carefully curated image as the effortlessly elegant it girl of TikTok who first wooed fans with her pristine cooking and lifestyle content. This picture-perfect glamour has evidently translated over to her wedding day, which appears at once simple and laid-back yet sophisticated and expensive.

Whilst Emily’s impressive range of outfits stole the show, her minimalist hair and makeup and the floral arrangements donned by herself and the bridal party certainly elevated the wedding’s air of “quiet luxury”. Emily donned a sleek bun for the ceremony, which was later softened by some face-framing strands of hair. The makeup was simple yet glowy not far from her everyday look. The influencer credited both her florist (@palomafloral) and makeup/hair artist (@beautybespoken), who can be found on Instagram, for any eager fans who wish to achieve a similar look. No doubt they will both be booked and busy for the foreseeable future!

I think I speak for many people who have followed Mariko’s content since she first went viral in 2021 when I say that her evolution from culinary internet personality to somewhat of a style icon is fascinating. It’s worth noting that this common thread of “quiet luxury” has been present throughout her rapid rise to fame, from the way she meticulously documented the “salmon rice bowl” that first launched her into the public eye, to her carefully curated wedding day, filled with simple yet thoughtful details. However, appearing so effortlessly chic and put together is a privilege that few can afford, something which is important to keep in mind when consuming this kind of flawless idealistic content. Whilst incorporating the principles of “quiet luxury” into our fashion choices can have a positive sustainable impact, more often than not this is an aesthetic that involves investing time and money in, don’t expect to achieve it overnight.


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