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WRITTEN BY Damian Dalton

September 21, 2022

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Fashion & Lifestyle Podcasts and Websites

Damian Dalton

21 Sep, 2022

The Wardrobe Crisis is a sustainable fashion website. It stands for a fairer, greener, cleaner fashion future that respects people and planet and recognises the power of dialogue, listening and learning. The PODCAST is chart-topping podcast launched in July 2017, and is now in its 7th series. Subscribe for free in your favourite podcast app. Each week, host Clare Press interviews designers, change-makers, academics, creatives and fashion insiders about fashion, ethics, social justice and environmental sustainability.

The Wardrobe Crisis also has THE ACADEMY an online courses platform focused on sustainability making sustainability education fun and accessible, and providing a framework for taking positive action based on your values.


An inclusive audio space, Conscious Chatter opens the door to conversations about our clothing + the layers of stories, meaning and potential impact connected to what we wear.

Hosted by Kestrel Jenkins, Conscious Chatter reimagines the narrative around sustainability, explores the importance of resourcefulness, questions conscious consumerism, and works to deconstruct how oppressive systems impact the sustainable fashion space.


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