Fashion Week Diaries: SS22 Copenhagan

WRITTEN BY Verona Farrell

September 5, 2022

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Fashion Week Diaries: SS22 Copenhagan

Verona Farrell

5 Sep, 2022

First things first: The Fashion Week survival kit.

Plasters for blisters (a thoughtful gift from the pairs of vintage heels two sizes too small, but too beautiful not to wear), protein bars for a quick-fix snack, make up essentials, perfume AND gum for round-the-clock mingling and last but not least – an ultimate requirement for any content creator – the holy portable charger.

Okay – bags packed. Now, let’s get down to business…


I hauled myself out of my apartment at 8am with a 30kg suitcase stuffed to the brim with half my wardrobe and a carry-on crammed with “just incase” lotions and potions. Then, I met my friend and colleague Philippa at the station and was embarrassed, but not surprised, to see she carried nothing more than a shoulder bag (it seems I haven’t quite assimilated her packing skills over the trips we’ve taken together just yet). I always work best on the train; my chronic procrastination and the shockingly bad wifi are an unlikely match made in heaven. So, I managed to make a new schedule for the week; one that merged the one I had been given by Tiktok as well as all of the other events I’d been invited to by various brands and PR agencies etc. Naturally, I began dreaming up a mood board of outfits I had planned the night before. However, I quickly concluded to myself that – despite my good intentions – I would never follow it, and moved over to a piece I was writing for Vogue Scandinavia about secondhand shopping, instead.

When I arrived on the platform, I was greeted by a certified Fashion Week driver that brought me to the hotel. I played it cool, (I hope) as if having a driver was a natural welcome and one I was “oh so used to”. Arriving at the hotel, I was once again given a warm welcome – this time, by an army of hot Danish men who carried my luggage up to my room. I had a quick meeting with the Tiktok team and the Copenhagen Fashion Week comms team where we went over the hashtags to use and the accounts to tag in our videos during the week.

Once I got changed, I headed to my first work event of the week. My fabulous team had set up a showroom with one of our app’s secondhand collaborators in a cosy apartment nestled in the heart of the city. A gang of our favorite Danish influencers came to pick out some clothes, get onboarded to our app, and have dinner… with a healthy dose of wine, of course. Half-asleep, I nipped back to the hotel and fell into my stupidly large bed. Pure bliss.


Another bright and early start. At 7am myself and the other TikTokers drove to the opening ceremony for Fashion Week. We were greeted by an outdoor breakfast buffet, live jazz and some announcements about sustainability awards (we love to see it) and some new brands on the schedule. We rushed off to the Lovechild show where I shot a ton of street-style and then moved onto the Holzweiler gifting suite where I picked out some pieces to wear for their show the next day. I went with a matching windbreaker tracksuit along with some sunnies to compliment the look.

Quickly, I ran back to the hotel to grab some time to sit down and relax – just kidding – to edit a street-style video from that morning and rushed to get changed for the TikTok event later that day. This time, I went with a sheer, black maxi dress and heels. However, after the driver said the others weren’t as dressed up I was, I did a last minute change in the car skipping straight into my next show outfit. Once I got to the Tiktok event, I ran into some old friends from Copenhagen as well as some other Irish content creators. There were so many well-dressed people there, naturally, so I spent most of my time pulling people outside for street-style shots. It was situated on one of the very old-school Danish streets with lots of colourful architecture which provided the perfect backdrop.

After that, I met up with my Stockholm girl gang at the PLN show. I’m not sure how exactly it happened, but we ended up being sat together in the front row. Upon reflection, Sara and Engla looked so good I reckon they could likely have got into Balenciaga’s SS22 showing without an invite. I shot some more street-style with a few London boys after the show. After chatting for a few minutes, we realised we were headed to the same destination and hopped in a cab together to catch the Division show.

This one was set in the woods, just outside the city. Unfortunately, I was wearing stilettos and could barley get to my seat without creasing myself… The show was delayed, which turned out nicely; I was sat beside a contributor for Vogue India, so we got the chance to chat about sustainability, a recent piece she had been researching in India and how it is to write as a freelancer in fashion before the show began. I was all fashion-ed out after the show, so I skipped the after party and crashed in bed with some well-deserved room service after editing a couple videos.


Just to give you some context; the week before fashion week, I was flattered to see an email from Vogue Business about a breakfast event in Copenhagen. Said flattery quickly turned into confusion when I saw it had been sent to my private email address – you know, one that I haven’t shared online. The imposter syndrome was real. So, I added some friends onto the RSVP list with a level of suspicion and disbelief. Safe to say I felt a sense of relief when I arrived on Tuesday morning and the event did, in fact, exist. Leaning into the businesswomen tone of the event, we grabbed some espressos and caught up about how our work event had gone. The event hosted a panel conversation led by Vogue Business’ Trends Editor Lucy Maguire where she, along with CEO of GANNI and head of circularity at Zalando, explored what it would take to make fashion truly sustainable. Andrea Baldo made some brutally honest admissions about sustainability at GANNI which was so refreshing to see from a big brand. I tried to chat to him after the talk, but a gang of eager journalists were hovering around him, so I decided to hop in a cab and try catch the first show of the day – Opera Sport.

Arriving at the Holzweiler show, I realised that I hadn’t taken the weather into consideration when I picked out my outfit. I sweated my way through the entire thing. No wonder most of the other guests had fans (which I noted as an essential in my future Fashion Week arsenal). After the show, I did what I do best and snapped some street-style of the guests. This time I struggled with the background as it was in a very touristy part of the city, and the ‘souvenir shop aesthetic’ wasn’t exactly lighting me on fire, but I managed to get some great shots anyway along side a few of some well-known rappers and other artists coming out of the show.

I changed out of my sweat suit in the bathroom and slipped straight into shorts and a light top, paired with some stiletto boots, and raced off to the Stine Goya show where I met a few of the girls. I skipped the next two shows to go back to the hotel, re-gather myself and get dressed (again) before Jade Cropper – one of the shows I was looking forward to most. I had met the up-and-coming Swedish designer a couple of months before and was inspired to wear something more elevated than the usual looks I was comfortable shooting in. So, I threw on the most outrageous pieces I had, combining them into one outfit; a pink bedazzled swimming cap by friend and designer Charlotte Kroon, a sheer dress and vibrant, green boots that were, unsurprisingly, two sizes too small (are all vintage shoes a 37, or is it just me?).

We rushed to Wood Wood, where I had one of the most idiotic moments of my entire existence. I had met the CEO of the brand and his partner, through a mutual friend, over drinks a couple of months before, which ended in unexpected Eurovision party at their place. I was so excited to see him, but in a moment of tiredness, Fashion Week delirium and general dizziness… I called him the wrong name. Not only did I say his name wrong, I shouted it. At his own show. The worst part? It only dawned on me a week later when I saw his name pop up online. Not a day has gone by since that I (a) haven’t thought about it and (b) haven’t wanted to combust.


Following the previous nights Daily Paper after party, I skipped some of the earlier shows for a well-earned lie in. By 2pm I was super eager to stop wasting precious fashion week time and get going – obviously not eager enough, though. When I got to the door of the day’s first show, it had already started and we weren’t allowed in. As a compromise, I got a hot dog and waited outside with the other photographers waiting for guests to come out – not a huge inconvenience, considering a show is only about 10 minutes long. Shortly after, I was carted out by my lovely driver to the Ganni show, headed to do an interview with their Creative Director. I spent a few minutes looking at the questions their PR manager had sent over and then did some last-minute research to come up with some extra questions to have on hand. I was a little nervous, but the interview went great. It was nice to experience the ‘behind the scenes’ buzz at the venue a couple of hours before the show began.

Then, I did another lightning-speed change back at the hotel and headed over to Henrik Vibskov. This show was one I had been looking forward to a lot, since it was one of the brands I worked with during my internship the summer before. I was glad to see in my schedule that I was covering BTS content as one of the designers I made friends with was leading styling back stage. I quickly ran out of content to shoot in the tiny packed room and took some videos of him doing his thing to send to him after. I love shooting those candid videos. When you’re doing something you love, you oftentimes miss out on taking videos, pictures and memories of each-other.

That afternoon I headed off to the Ganni show after where I managed to get a streetstyle video of Emma Chamberlain –almost killing myself in heels to get the shot, admittedly. Just as she was being ushered into her car, in a moment of true fangirl panic, the ability to remain collected and professional momentarily left me and I asked for… a selfie. Mortifying. Anyway, the adrenaline subdued the embarrassment and I jumped in a cab with all the other giddy fashion week guests for the final show – Rotate. This was one of the most energetic shows of the week; the crowd were unable to sit still (myself included) which I’d put down to their insane RnB playlist among a number of things, as well as the excitement of experiencing the official finale of a chaotic, glamorous and jam-packed week like no other.


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