Travel ‘n’ Thrift – Copenhagen

WRITTEN BY Verona Farrell

April 30, 2022

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Travel ‘n’ Thrift – Copenhagen

Verona Farrell

30 Apr, 2022

Like most cities in Europe, Copenhagen houses some fabulous vintage spots. However, most tourists who google the best places to shop secondhand will go to the classics – PRAG, Crush and Episode amongst others. While these stores are wedged with treasures, you’re sure to pay the price. Copenhagen will rob you blind at the best of times and it’s secondhand offering is no different, especially when it comes to these stores in the center.

If you’re a savy tourist, head to the city’s lesser known Flea Markets; there, you can ditch the middle man and nab pieces directly sourced from the closets of real Copenhageners. In a city where it feels like everyone is a stylist, these ‘loppemarkeder’ let you access the already-curated Scandi wardrobes.

Flea Market run-down

1. Veras Market
This little gem is one of Copenhagen’s best markets. Every Sunday during the summer, Veras Vintage (a thrift store in the city) hosts its very own market full of stalls run by private people selling their old-but-gold pieces. The other thing is, because it’s full of regular people clearing out closets instead of searching for a massive profit, this place is a bargain city.

On my last trip to the Veras Market I had managed to haul my hungover head out of bed and picked up a pair of COS cargo trousers as well as a pair of Nike Pegasus runners for just under €30.

Most pieces are €5-€15 – bring cash, because the Danes usually use mobile pay which us unlucky foreigners can’t get access to.

Find the Veras market at Bispeengen 12 in Frederiksberg.

2. The Green Market

Starting the 1st of May,

For outfit-spotting alone, this market is worth visiting. When I first went, I genuinely didn’t know where to look; between the people and the clothes you could easily spend a couple of hours rooting and people watching in the midst of this fashion haven. You’ll find some vintage stores setting at the front, so my advice is to start right at the back where the best bargains are hiding.

The one time I was lucky enough to come across the green market, I picked up a vintage cross-body Prada, a perfect pair of classic black cowboy boots, a pair of New Balance for €3 and a bottle of my very expensive go-to Hermes perfume for a tenner.

This one is close to the Veras market but only happens every second Sunday so if you’re going for a weekend and feel like a thrift-fuelled one, have a look at the dates on their website to make sure you catch this open.

Find the Green Market at Jagtvej 16 in Norrebro.

3. Saturday Lopemarked

This one is a bit smaller and not as fashion-focused as the others, but still a good one to try out.
I managed to pick up a pair of look-alike Birkenstocks that I bought to change into after a long day of thrifting in inappropriate shoes, as well as a pair of brand new Veja runners for €10!

It runs every Saturday at Frederiksberg, Bredegade 2000.

An extra tip…

Sometimes PR agencies will host mini versions of these flea markets – with one difference. They invite influencers to set up shop. I had unknowingly gone to one of these last summer. After feeling a vague sense of familiarity, I realized after that half of the sellers were girls I had been following on Instagram for months. Having a nosy in those It Girls closets is a bit of fun in itself.

Keep an eye on the Danish profiles you follow in the hopes that the word ‘loppemarked’ pops up on their Instagram.


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