Too Good To Go – A Review

WRITTEN BY Andrea Beyer Fraile

April 30, 2022

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Too Good To Go – A Review

Andrea Beyer Fraile

30 Apr, 2022

Whether you’re a health freak, a foodie, both, neither or somewhere in between, there’s one thing we all need and that’s good food. The only thing that gets me out of bed, is the thought of curling myself up in a blanket, a hot bowl of porridge warming my palms, topped with fresh fruits and honey.  Food is more than nutrition. It’s social media content, it’s a significant part of socialising and it’s a way to discover new cultures. However, with the recent increase in food production, there has been an inevitable increase in food wastage. The EU average for food waste is approximately 83-101 kg per person per year, and approximately ⅓ of all food goes to waste on a global scale per year. The solution? There’s a tonne, but apps like Too Good To Go are essential to our continuing enjoyment of delicious  meals and snacks, whilst battling the amount of food that goes to waste.  

So, what is Too Good To Go? It’s an incredible app that allows food stores and restaurants to sell ‘surprise bags’ to customers at the end of each dayfor a discounted price. Yes, you read that right. You can get your favourite restaurants food, just cheaper, whilst supporting a sustainable environment. The bags contain surplus leftovers; instead of throwing the excess away, the purchasers get a mixed variety of food to take home and enjoy, with the added bonus of knowing they’re protecting the planet we live on.

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t expect our lovely readers to take such risks themselves, so we’ve done it for you. I began incorporating Too Good To Go bags into my monthly budget, and so far it has been a success. At the start of the month, my friends and I wanted to unwind and have a sleepover. Of course, we had to get some snacks for the occasion, and we decided to go for pretzels. Whether you have a sweet tooth or a savoury one, Auntie Anne’s pretzels will not disappoint.

For only €4.99, we received a Too Good To Go bag of pretzels worth over €15. We got two cinnamon and sugar pretzels, a pepperoni and cheese pretzel, a jalapeño hot dog pretzel roll and some mini hot dog pretzels with a cheese sauce. We popped the goodies in the oven for about five minutes; they tasted as though they were baked fresh and as amazing as always. 

Another great way to incorporate Too Good To Go bags into your everyday life is to buy surprise bags from supermarkets. Nowadays, €5.99 will only get you a carton of milk and a loaf of bread. Whereas Fresh, one of my local supermarkets, has joined Too Good To Go and for €5.99 I usually receive a bag of groceries valued at €18. When you arrive at the store, you’re asked whether you’d like a vegan bag or a mixed bagI usually opt for the latter and get a combination of meat products and vegan products. Buying surprise bags of groceries like this also allows me to get creative with the food I cook. I look up recipes using the items I have, and get to try out delicious meals that I probably would never have cooked otherwise.

Need a caffeine fix? Well, Starbucks has recently joined the appand let me tell you, I’m all here for it. Initially, I was sceptical about purchasing a surprise bag from them as I was unsure of what kind of food I would receive and what I could do with it, but the bag included two sandwiches and three pastries which was a pleasant surprise.