Trend Forecasting for Spring/Summer 2022: The Re-emergence We Weren’t Expecting

WRITTEN BY Verona Farrell

March 27, 2022

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Trend Forecasting for Spring/Summer 2022: The Re-emergence We Weren’t Expecting

by | Mar 27, 2022 | Fashion & Lifestyle

Verona Farrell

27 Mar, 2022

For the last decade, high heels have been stored safely in closets exclusively for special occasions. The era of foldable ballet pumps, the comeback of wedges and the recent trend of platform flats are some of the ways we’ve tried to get around this trend; a trend that’s as uncomfortable and intimidating as it is glamorous.

Whether you love it or hate it, the reintroduction of the casual heel is brewing. YouTuber of our generation, Emma Chamberlain, said recently in a video that wearing heels gave her “an injection of confidence” when she dared to wear them casually, and soon after this sound nugget became viral on Tiktok. You’d think Gen Z would be quick to shut down a trend that’s painful and impractical, and especially one typically associated with the male-gaze. It seems like this association is shifting, being rebranded instead as the ‘click-clack’ of a woman on a mission.

Even in Sweden, specifically Stockholm – where night-out fits’ are typically more toned down – I have started to see an emergence of casual heels. In the most fashion-forward parts of the city, heeled boots are being sported by that same young generation, seen braving them even the harshest (and slipperiest) of weather.

I’m forecasting secondhand options as being the main source for this trend revival. Why? Because since fast fashion has adapted to the practical concerns of the everyday women, when it comes to heels their designs are directed mostly towards going-out fits. The block heel and classic strappy nude pair seem to be all that’s offered by the bigger brands. When fast fashion may be too slow to catch up, secondhand waits patiently with all its treasures –ready when trends re-emerge, as they always do.

Whether the concept of heels re-entering the casual wardrobe scares you or excites you, it’s coming soon and fast. Next time you’re in the charity shops or vintage stores, keep your eyes peeled for a 90’s throwback in the shoe section to beat fast fashion to it. At UTOPIA The Edit we’re welcoming the end of COVID and the glamorous trends it’s bringing with it. Personally, I’m jumping on the bandwagon and taking a leaf out of Carrie Bradshaw’s book.


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