Brand Rundown – CME

WRITTEN BY Victoria G. L. Brunton

March 27, 2022

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Brand Rundown – CME

Victoria G. L. Brunton

27 Mar, 2022

So (I think) it’s safe to say we’ve finally made it out of COVID’s grasp, but is it too early to start feeling thankful for the – albeit few – positives it incurred? Probably, but we can’t resist talking about CME Studio – so you’ll have to forgive the hasty start.

We’re all familiar with the ‘baby boom’ era, right? Some of us, including me, are a product of it… For those who may not: it was a period of time between the 80’s – 90’s when couples got a little too freaky between the sheets and accidentally created a monstrously oversized generation of human beings. Got it? Well, the same sort of thing happened during the pandemic, but this time with start-ups: a “Business Baby Boom” if you will. CME Studio was one of those creations.



Starting as an outlet for founder Ciara May Ellis’ creativity, the brand quickly began flooding everyone’s social media feeds – remember those busty-torso candles placed trendily atop coffee table books? That’s them.  Since then, her brand has become an ethical and sustainable business on everyone’s home accessories wish list. With a philosophy that says a very large ‘no’ to overproduction, you can be sure each candle is hand-made with love and care. Oh, and in terms of materials? The label uses only the best: 100% certified non GMO European rapeseed wax, eco-cotton wicks and  FC certified plastic-free packaging – but wait for the best part. When you purchase any candle by CME, you are not only choosing a vegan product, but one made by food byproducts. Mic drop? We think so.



The spirit of CME Studio may just be the only thing to rival their philosophy: to start, their mantra is ‘Burn Your Nudes’, a phrase which (in their words) acts as “a nod or a middle finger to female empowerment”. Need we say more? We will anyway. The brand aims to bring back the joy and celebration in reclaiming and loving your body as your own, in all its wonderful ways shapes and ever-changing sizes.



So, in short, some of us binge watched Tiger King, baked banana bread, made Tik Toks and whipped coffee to sit out COVID-19. Meanwhile Ciara founded a company that is not only environmentally friendly, ethical and sustainable, but one that also empowers women and says ‘f*ck you’ (excuse my French) to the patriarchy.


Listen, it’s a win-win situation, we lived to tell the tale and – on top of that – we can fill our homes with the works of CME studio.


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