Brand Rundown: a o i f e ®

WRITTEN BY Victoria G. L. Brunton

February 2, 2022

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Brand Rundown: a o i f e ®

Victoria G. L. Brunton

2 Feb, 2022

When you think of luxury fashion, the mind likely wanders to Paris, London or Milan. Then, when you think of innovative design, it probably stretches to New York or Tokyo.

Well, your brain power needn’t be wasted on these far afield ventures any longer; a o i f e ® seamlessly combines luxury with innovation, creating one singular concept. The best part?
Ireland can proudly claim this brand as one of its own.

Designer and founder, Aoife Rooney, set out with one simple mission in mind: to offer consumers beautifully designed accessories, created in synergy with the protection and regeneration of the world we live in. Rooney believes that the circular economy offers consumers the chance to make an impact on a personal level, beyond climate policies and environmental promises. The brand encourages consumers to reconsider their part in the lifecycle of consumption by offering an eco-friendly luxury option that doesn’t compromise on quality, functionality or aesthetic.

Now, let’s talk about the products themselves and how a o i f e ® produces luxury leather goods, without impacting the environment. Designed in Ireland, hand crafted by artisans in Italy, each product is composed solely of ethical fabrics and is available in a range of minimal colour-ways. Where do the materials come from? There’s no one answer to this question; some are repurposed from fishing nets, others are synthesised from plant materials. One thing that is universally applicable to each product in the label’s collection, is that no carbon footprint will be left behind. What better excuse to head to for your next wardrobe investment?

Of course, we’re not the first to talk about a o i f e ®. In fact, the brand has been featured in many highly acclaimed publications. The January 2021 issue of British Vogue even described the label as “replacing the mechanised, robotic nature of mass-production, each artisan-made piece is exclusively crafted to sensualise our respect for the environment and reduce fast fashion pollution.”

However much ‘praise’ the brand has already received, one look at their collections, alongside their dedication to levelling up sustainable fashion, indicates clearly to us why they are worthy of considerably more. You can follow along the ever evolving a o i f e ® journey on their Instagram @aoifelifestyle. We have no doubt that there’s more great things to come.


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