Mitigating Climate Change

Positive actions to mitigate climate change

  1. Choose an electricity supplier that uses renewable energy sources such a wind and solar generation.
  2. Reduce your energy consumption by turning your central heating thermostat by one or two degrees and switching off devices not in use. Putting a lagging jacket on an exposed immersion heater will pay for it-self from reduced heating costs in a matter of weeks
  3. Insulate your home to reduce heat loss. You can do this in stages, starting where there is most return for even a modest spend or investment. Start with draught-proofing of doors and windows and if finances permit, consider double glazing and insulation on external walls. See the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland to see your options and grants that are available.
  4. Use public transport where possible and particularly for short journeys consider walking or cycling. Even leaving the car in the garage for one or two trips a week, will improve your health, save you some money and make the air that little bit cleaner and green. It all adds up.
  5. Do you know, or do you have a local environment club. If you have, why not join it. You’ll learn a lot and it’s a great way to meet people. If you haven’t got a club, join the nearest one to you, or maybe even start one.
  6. Since energy is used to manufacture practically everything, you can reduce your carbon footprint by re-using or re-purposing “old” items or if they have really finished their useful life for you, then if possible recycle them.
  7. Electric cars are getting more affordable and there is a fledging and expanding second-hand electric car market . Assess the cost of buying a petrol/diesel car and its operational costs cost compared to electric vehicle. A €10 battery charge will give you the same mileage as a €100 fill of petrol for the average car, and maintenance visits are less frequent and cheaper. Charging points are becoming more numerous and battery ranges longer. Also, over the next few years the environmental damage of petrol/diesel will be factored into its cost raising fossil-fuel prices.
  8. If you have a petrol/diesel car you can offset its GHG emissions by contributing to recognised tree-planting projects through organisations like The Rain Forest Alliance Climate Positive organisation or MyClimate
  9. Buy local and buy green products as far as possible. This reduces transportation costs and helps employ more people in your community.
  10. Mature trees can each absorb as much as 22Kg CO2 per year and in a 100 year lifetime one tonne. If you drink 4 mugs of coffee or tea a day, the water you will have heated in a year will produce 30Kgs CO2. So if you want to drink carbon-neutral tea, plant 2 trees today. Apart from being beautiful, wonders of nature trees are effective carbon sinks. So plant, particularly deciduous trees when you can.

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